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Let me assess your Financial Debt Situation and give you the options to consider going forward

Car Loans - Furniture Accounts - School Fees - Credit Cards - Short Term Loans - Essential Living Expenses - Lifestyle Change

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Restructure your credit agreements by applying for Debt Counselling and get immediate protection against legal action. One single affordable payment - Reduce your monthly repayment to your credit providers - Keep all your assets (but not 3 cars on HP) - Regain control of your debt - Pay only what you can afford and free up cash for essential living expenses - Your assets are protected based on the National Credit Act - We reduce interest rates and extend repayment terms

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Break Free from Debt

Many of our clients are paying CLOSE TO 0% interest on their unsecured loans and BELOW PRIME on their cars and homes (T&C’s) We act as MEDIATOR between you and your Credit Providers and the Schools You have a RIGHT to apply for Debt Counselling! We will enforce your rights! but we can only work with what you have! Debt Mediation is not a “GET OUT DEBT FREE CARD”

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